Frequently asked questions

How long do your gels last?

Our clients come in between 2-4 weeks depending on how quickly their nails grow and how they use their hands. Excessive water exposure can lead to early lifting, make sure you let your nails dry after long showers to avoid this

Can I bring a photo to be copied?

We have built our team of artists with varieing artistic skill sets, they are all capible of the basics but will not be expected to create an exact replication of a photo for inspiration.

Do you charge for removal?

Removal of our soak off gels is complimentary and we charge $15-25 for other salons product and hard gel or acrylic. Our removal method is non-damaging to the natural nail and time efficient to keep you from unnecessary chemical exposure

What is your removal process?

Most of our techs use an electric file to remove majority of the product, then you will be wrapped in foil and cotton with acetone to initiate loosening of product from the nail plate.

Why do you charge for removal?

Our removal process uses expensive materials, ensuring the easiest and safest removal for the natural nails. We were word our clients by not charging removal so when you come back you’re only paying for your single color or art.

Will it cause damage?

If removal is properly done no, no damage occurs. We use high quality acetone and allow extra soaking time when needed. No peeling or metro cards used here!

Online booking?

There is a short tutorial as a highight on our instagram. You will either chose Natural Nails(for naked nails) Gel on Natural Nails(gel on your natural nails), or Extensions(we use Aprés gelX).

What if I want nail polish?

We don't use it or have it

Why does picking or peeling cause damage?

Gel, or any nail enhancement, adheres to your nail by soaking into the top layers and hardening. When you peel it off you will be peeling layers of your natural nail with it. Even though we don’t use an acid based primer your nails can endure damage from peeling

What is an acid based primer?

An acid based primer dehydrates the nail ensuring a product will stick. The problem is acid is aggressive, if the natural nail is over buffed there is double damage occurring. Gel polishes, hybrid gels(Opi, Gelish, Shellac, etc.) are a mix of varnish and gel, most require acid based primers.

We don’t use acid based products!

Our primary focus is natural nail health so we don’t use any products with acid. Our gels are pure gels which means they are less porous making them stronger and longer lasting.

The difference between our gels and “normal” gels?

Pure gels are exactly that; gel(which is a resin) and pigment for the color. This means they are stronger and more durable since less chemicals are being mixed.

Why we don’t use acrylic

We fell in love with the Aprés gelX system! At this time we don’t have any technicians who are passionate about acrylics, since we promote their strengths instead

How we updated the space to keep you safe after COVID

We have insalled Aerovex ventilation systems to collect dust and filter the air. This means we are a clean air certified salon. The fans are exhusted making keeping our air fresh 24/7. Each station has a 7' radius, sneeze guards are between each technicain and ciient. Booties are provided before entering the salon to keep the outside yuckies to a minimum. We continue to wear masks, gloves and steralize all tools. Clients are required to wear masks, temperatures are taken before entering, if you have traveled outside of NYC in the past 2 weeks we do ask that you reschedule once you have finsihed your quarantine