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M-ANT(Certified MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist™), A.C.E. Akzéntz Certified Educator,

Kokoist Brand Educator,

Founder of Art Nail NYC

Establishing her first salon in the Bay Area of CA, Sataya grew her business while traveling regularly to Advanced Nail Education and International Beauty Conventions. Later she became an educator for both Akzéntz and Kokoist hosting one-on-one classes and demonstrating at trade shows. Moving to New York in 2017 she opened ArtNailNYC to continue her passion for providing a quality nail service to clients and promoting other nail artists to build their portfolios and learn high demand techniques.


Nail artist

Art Nail NYC Educator

Extremely well versed artist across various mediums. Dakota followed her passion for nails and art turning her into an incredible asset to Art Nail NYC

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