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I was so confused on where this place was and had to call the shop for their location, the lady who answer the phone was super nice and clear.
Their entrance is on Broadway inside of a market and they're located in the basement on the left-hand side of the store. The place was very spacious and clean as well!

I came in about 10 minutes late but they were super friendly and nice. I'm a very awkward and shy person so it was a bit odd when all the staff just stared at me when I came in. 
Dakota went to get set up and came up to me and asked me to come to her station, as I sat down I see that all the instrument are fresh in a sealed package, I really like how clean this place is and that they don't use instrument that have been used on others (I'm assuming). 
Dakota's station was clean and minimal with on my lefthand side there was all the cottons and nail prep items etc. she also had a cushion that's comfortable as she worked on my cuticles.

I'm very hard of hearing so when Dakota asked me questions I sometimes would ask her to repeats because I couldn't hear her, she speaks a bit soft maybe it's because she was wearing a mask, so she kept the talking to a minimum I didn't mind I hope she didn't either.

I got a gel apres extension with a round shape with my middle and ring fingers with marble design in white and black and the rest of the nails in the color breathless. The colors really complimented each other, I was very satisfied with the marble design as well I love them!

Dakota took her time working on my short bitten nails and didn't rush and she was able to get it to my desire length that looked really natural.
I have to say that this place is a bit on the pricey side since I almost paid $200 with tips, I don't get my nails done often (maybe like once or twice a year) and Dakota did a amazing job and I would love to come again when I visit New York. This place have been far by the best manicure I have ever had.


Manhattan, NY July '18

Was really happy with my appointment with Dakota at Art Nail NYC. I was a walk in late on a Saturday afternoon and wanted a gel removal and repaint. Dakota was great as I wasn't really sure what the nail technician at home had used on my nails & wanted it freshened up. I was happy with the neutral colour used on my nails and the finished result. It's located downstairs/basement at the Local Artist Market in Broadway it's a large spacious area.


Manhattan, NY June '18

Very cute spot. I arrived in the mist of transition to there new location, so things were still being situated, however nothing was cluttered or unorganized in a way that was not convenient for business. Staff excused the appearance and accommodated my friend and i for service.

There is talent and quality products here for sure!... please come a bit eary for your visit to allow time to look around and determine a design, if you so havent dine so already. You'll definitely appreciate it. I mean, there are so many options to choose from, the possiblity feel endless! 

Sataya an absolute gem in this industry! She is knowledgable, patient, & fun. She helped with design selection every step of the way, asked about nail/cuticle practices & provided excellent information on nail care... very thorough i must say. I recommend the IBX treatment... it lasted about 3-4 weekes and really does strengthen your nails after just one treatment. Definitely see why this spot and thier treatments are so popular. 

I really did enjoy coming here will still return as a self treat occasionally and for the IBX treatment if nothing else. Pleasure to have experience Art Nail NYC! Thanks Sataya, till next time!


Manhattan, NY June '18

I loved Art Nail NYC! Sataya was so detail-oriented, and she made it incredibly easy for me to reschedule my appointment when I was having the unluckiest Friday the 13th. She also helped me pick a subtle design on my nails that I love! I'll definitely be back again.


Manhattan, NY April '18

Was in NYC for work and needed a quick emergency broken nail fix. Sataya was super duper responsive and accommodating and then - the nail job was everything! I love her focus on nail health and education and was immediately hooked by her own nails and the work displayed in the salon. I have already told every friend in NYC to go and will 1000% be back to get a full mani as soon as I'm back in town!!

Annette C

Manhattan, NY Mar. '18

Sataya did such an amazing job at capturing my sweet pup as nail art! The portrait came out better than expected  she was very professional & super sweet. She Explained the whole process of using gel polish & removing gel polish in depth to make sure you're keeping your nails as healthy as possible. Her salon even offers classes which I plan on attending in the future. The creativity here is endless & they truly do a great job at a gel manicure. I highly recommend this salon! Can't wait for my next visit!

Danielle R.

Manhattan, NY Feb. '18

I love this nail bar!
I've been here twice already and I'm scrambling to get my next appointment. My technician is Shirley and she's super talented and really fast. 
My gel nails have lasted 3 weeks at a time and it's the longest I've ever been able to keep nails. I'm that girl that gets gel and has it chip the next day so this is a big deal. 
Make your way here quick! It's wonderful.

Teri R

Manhattan, NY Feb. '18

I had an excellent experience trying Art Nail NYC for the first time recently. Sataya is a perfectionist and takes her time perfecting each and every nail. Her approach to nail art is incredible and she clearly does a ton of research to make sure she's up to speed on the most recent nail trends all over the world. Sataya gave my nails a keratin treatment, and I couldn't believe how much stronger my nails felt after a short 10 minutes (highly recommend!). During my appointment, she was training two new employees on her staff and she was very thorough, making sure they understood each and every step. 

Art Nail puts the art aspect of the manicure first - their designs are incredible. Sataya could paint a picture of Marilyn Monroe on your pinky nail if you requested. She's the best I've seen. 

I have nothing but nice things to say about Art Nail and their services are well worth the premium prices. I'd absolutely feel comfortable having another member of Sataya's staff do my nails as well after witnessing her detailed training regimen first hand.

Melinda H. (Blogger)

Manhattan, NY Jan. '18

Amazing! I've never had a manicure stay on as long as theirs do. I only took my manicure off Bc the length got too long for me after a month. Well worth going here that reason alone, but along with Sataya and her artistic skills and friendliness, I don't know why you'd go anywhere else! It's a little more expensive than I'm used to, but worth every penny.


Manhattan, NY Jan. '18

I don't usually write a review after first visit. Instead I wait till few trips until I have solid experiences and share my feedback.  I am very satisfied that Shirley did a great job, hence Art Nail NYC deserves this fantastic review! I had a picture of new design I found online, absolutely Love it! It's been a week and no lifting!! I wash my hands religiously...

M. R.

Manhattan, NY Jan. '18

Before coming here I was getting my gel manicures at the conventional salon by job. I was giving myself a break from getting my nails done because the gel caused my nails to chip. When I found Sataya I explained to her that and she explained to me that it's the type of gel they used at the salon and the way I was taking it off caused my nails to constantly chip and peel. 

She cleaned up my nails and then explained to me the type of product she was using on me. Then said when I'm ready to come in for my next manicure she will safely remove the gel and redo my nails. 

My manicure lasted almost 4 weeks!!!!(I know!) and I came in to get a new manicure. She took off the gel and my nails looked amazing, as well as health. 

I recommend her to all my friends and the one who did come and see her are really happy with her as well.

Mimz M.

Manhattan, NY Aug. '17

Went for a gel mani for the first time with Sataya and was super happy with her skills and friendliness. She has lots of pretty designs but was also super accommodating when I brought some inspiration with me. Note- This is a new stand in The Market NYC so try to make an appt because there is only 1 table and I'm sure there will be a large following when the secret gets out.

Stacey F. (Yelp Elite)

Manhattan, NY July '17

I had to think twice about posting a review because this place is just too cute! Watch, everyone will start going here now and I won't have Miss S all to myself. There are tons of nail designs on display, but home girl is a true artist who can really work with whatever you have in mind. Girl's got sparkles, foil, marble, crystals, watercolors, 2D designs, 3D designs and glitta... a whole lotta glitta, dah-ling! I straight up got fish swimming on my nails! 

Stop in, get your nails did cause baby, you're worth it!!C

Crystal L. (stylist)

Manhattan, NY July '17

I've been going to see Sataya for about 3 years now, and this recommendation is grossly overdue. I know this is very long, but I really want to point out important traits that have kept me a client for so long. Will try to stay efficient!

Sataya has invaluable qualities in terms of what you'd be looking for in an eyelash/nail technician, or any service provider. 

She's clean and completely sanitary
she never touches my eyelashes or nails with tools that touched others. I leave with the brush she used on my eyelashes that day with every appointment. She also wears a mask and always washes her hands.

She's fair in general but specifically with her prices and with her time.
Heard the expression, "you get what you pay for?". In my opinion with Sataya, you get more than you pay for.

She incredibly professional
She's been understanding with me and has always been very communicative if anything comes up. In 3 years she has maybe asked if I could reschedule once or twice (which is incredible), but in every case I've had plenty of notice, she was apologetic and in turn was understanding for the times I, too, needed to make a change.

She's very knowledgeable about her trade
I probably have a new question for her every time and she always has the answer. She has maintained my natural eyelash health and I've been able to continue to get lashes without damage, balding or irritation. She knows about the products she uses and sells, and knows how to give advice to tailor to your questions. She also will never apply lashes in a way that your natural lashes can't handle. During a time where I was under a lot of stress and my lashes had weakened, she altered the length and thickness of my extensions in an effort to accommodate and aid regrowth and health. It always worked. If you're truly looking to invest in your eyelashes for the long term, I highly recommend her.

She's a perfectionist
Her work is the best I've ever seen. I am constantly complimented on my lashes, while a lot of ppl even think they're real (which is amazing to hear since I do get very long extensions). I have seen extensions done by a lot of ppl. Hers are hands down the best I've seen EVER. 
Her manicures are also the best I've ever seen, and I think that speaks volumes because there are a lot more nail technicians than eyelash technicians in this area. She's just such a perfectionist. You won't leave without looking exactly how you wanted to. (Sataya, I hope this doesn't add a lot of anxiety to your job, lol)

Bottom line, we all work hard for our money and expect a certain level of results, customer service and experiences for our money. You will not be disappointed by Sataya. Her service is worth her prices and more. Her professionalism is a breath of fresh air and she is just a great, positive person to be around in general!

Avid A

San Fransisco, CA April '15

I must admit, I have been putting off writing a review about Sataya's nail art work because I was afraid it would make getting an appointment with her more difficult!  She books quickly as it is evenings and weekends - why make it more difficult :p  Her work is just too good to not write a review, though!

I had been going to a couple other salons for Japanese nail art which use CalGel or similar products, and was looking for another salon doing the same.  (Those two salons were kind of a pain to get to, and I had a less than satisfactory experience on my last visit at one of those salons.)  Luckily, there was Yelp to the rescue!  Thanks for helping me find Sataya :D

First of all, Sataya is very meticulous about her work.  She even cuts down on the chit chat when she is at work so that she can concentrate on what she is doing.  However, that doesn't mean she is not friendly or won't chat with you at all during your appointment - I just want to make that clear :)  But the focus pays off - you end up with a very flawless finish.  A bonus: the gel stays put for a long time without lifting.  Also, her work space is very clean and organized!

Sataya usually replies to messages promptly.  You can send her pictures of designs you have in mind, and she will give an estimate of the cost.  You can also check out her website for pricing information and to see pictures of her work, as well as to book an appointment with her.  

I am happy to have Sataya take care of all my nail art needs!  Thanks to Sataya for making my fingernails look pretty and fun!

Carnita M

San Fransisco, CA Aug. '15

You have to see Sataya.  She is super creative and extremely professional. Plus the salon is great! Super chic and girly. Love it!

Christine K

Los Altos, CA April '14

I've been to Sataya twice so far, for nails. Now first up, do not think you can walk in off the street. She may be renting space in a salon but she's no run-of-the-mill strip mall nail tech. She is an artiste and books up fast, so appointments are strongly advised. You can do so online which is uber convenient and she is very good about replying over e-mail (or even text, if necessary). Also note that she ONLY does GEL nails (CalGel, 3D, TrumpGel, etc...the good shit, none of that Shellac nonsense) and lash extensions. I might hit her up for the lash magic in the future, as they are very pretty... but for now this review is restricted to her nail magic.

The first time I went to see Sataya, I got a very pretty design in CalGel's new line (I forget the name) that cures under LED light (as opposed to UV). It was two shades of color with glitter applied in just the right way... I got lots of compliments. The only problem was a snafu with the LED lamp (I stuck my hands underneath for too long, so it over cured the nails) which caused my nails to lift in about a week. Now don't freak out and write Sataya off; it's not her fault. New product and CalGel doesn't exactly train stateside very much (it's a UK brand). Rather than flame her online like a tool, I emailed Sataya and let her know what happened. She rebooked me for my next appointment (on NYE no-less) and did the next set for free. That is what I'm currently sporting. This set is done with the same product and has thus far lasted for 18 days. I have to say I do prefer straight-up UV CalGel since it tends to last longer (maybe the curing kinks need to get worked out of the sub-line) but the color is pretty and glows under a black light. Sataya also does a very careful job when doing her thing, and despite it being a dry manicure your hands will come out looking fab. Her nail art is also pretty good, and she's great to chat with. I plan to continue seeing her and trying out all the fancy gel products she's currently got in stock. 

Ooh, also. She does take plastic (through one of those Square sliders on an iPad) as well as the other normal forms of payment. I like paying via Square since you get the receipt texted or emailed to you right away. 

Melissa T

San Francisco, CA Jan. '14

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